As unique as you are…
Of all the treasures in the world, there is only one ‘you’.

Of all the seashells in the ocean, this one belongs to you.

Unique Seashell Candle Gifts

Beautifully handcrafted footed cockle shell candles with hidden treasures revealed as they burn!

Each cockleshell is filled with finds from the Gulf of Mexico or  the Atlantic Ocean for you to discover as the melted wax reveals it’s hidden treasures.

Natural soy and essential oils will re-create your favorite seaside experience to enjoy whenever you wish to return to a sunshine state of mind.

A donation of 5% from the sale of this product goes toward the preservation of our oceans and sea life though the efforts by Ocean Conservancy.

Unique Seashell Candle Gifts

About the Atlantic Giant Cockle

The Atlantic Giant Cockle is responsibly sourced off the shores around Three Rooker Island In the Gulf of Mexico.

I’ve added Cowrie seashells as feet to stabilizes the cockle on a taller horizontal level which allows it to hold more wax for longer burn times.

The accent chosen for this candle comes from a variety of coastal hunts along both the Gulf and Atlantic sides of Florida.

Trinket Trays

Useful trinket trays are a great way to remember where you’ve hid your treasures.

From jewelry to paper clips, they’ll be at the ready to grab.

Made from Sunray Venus clamshells they are footed with tiny shells and accented with bits of abalone, shells and a natural pearl tucked under the inner edge.

Be creative!

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